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"The Ultimate Gift" is a personalized photo shoot just for women.

Throughout our lives, women endure many trying experiences. From raising children to illness, to infidelity. All these things take their tole on our spirit. Woman are powerful. We CAN do it all. But being that strong can strip us of who we truly are.

We lose ourselves in our families and our busy lives. I personally suffer from abdominal adhesions and along my 30 year journey, I lost my way. I have had 4 surgeries to remove them. They cost me a marriage and a family and the pain took away a lot of my desire to fly. I tried to fly but my wings were clipped.

I met a lady that was also going through the same thing. So I offered to take her photos. I wanted to bring out her inner self - her lost woman. I wanted to show her how beautiful she was. I wanted to offer her the ability to let it all go.

It was a wonderful shoot. So I developed a gift package photo shoot, specifically for woman. I call it "The Ultimate Gift".

It includes a minimum 2 hour experience at a beautiful location near you. We make the day all about you. First we do a mini make over, then we dress you in a flowing gown or lingerie. We have finger snacks and wine. We talk about your reasons for wanted the Ultimate Gift and then we start the shoot.

During the shoot you will start to feel all your inhibitions fall away as you twirl in the breeze or dip your toes in a cool river. Or perhaps you have a horse or a pet that you would like to interact with? Whatever will help you find your lost woman is what we want for you. After-all, this is all about you!

If you think you or someone you love could benefit from the Ultimate gift, contact Eleanor at
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