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Large High res for prints, posters, brochures, other marketing materials. Not for social media. These photos are locked, If you need to use any for marketing let me know and I will unlock it for downloading. You may order prints, posters or other materials from right from my sites lab. You may not use these on books, or resell and make anything that sells using these photos. Use is limited to local marketing materials.

Please credit Eleanor Caputo - when using any photos. Thank you.
Sherlock Holmes_MG_6386Sherlock Holmes_MG_6389Sherlock Holmes_MG_6391Sherlock Holmes_MG_6397Sherlock Holmes_MG_6404Sherlock Holmes_MG_6407Sherlock Holmes_MG_6422Sherlock Holmes_MG_6428Sherlock Holmes_MG_6450Sherlock Holmes_MG_6451Sherlock Holmes_MG_6469Sherlock Holmes_MG_6471Sherlock Holmes_MG_6476_1Sherlock Holmes_MG_6477Sherlock Holmes_MG_6478Sherlock Holmes_MG_6481Sherlock Holmes_MG_6482Sherlock Holmes_MG_6483Sherlock Holmes_MG_6486Sherlock Holmes_MG_6490