Created 24-Apr-14
Modified 25-Apr-14
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Go through the photos and fav all the ones you want the high res versions uploaded for. You can then send that fav list to me from my site. my email is I will then upload the ones you list. If you have trouble you can also email me a list or write them down.

You can download these for FB if you like. Or you can wait for the large files. Which will be too big for FB. They are meant for printing. Prints are better from my lab. Wal Mart is 1/3 the price but the quality is terrible. My lab has been printing professionally for 75 years.

They offer coffee mugs, playing cards, greeting cards, graduation cards and many more. Canvas prints, metal and glass prints and traditional paper prints. from wallet to 30x40. You can downland then and or print them. But don't print these. Wait for the high res version.