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Do you have photos that are faded, ripped, pieces missing, colors fading or stuck to glass? Eleanor can restore it in some cases to look like new. Depending on the condition, the outcome can be very very good. Even in the worst condition, images have been able to be restored to a very satisfactory state. If your images is stuck to glass DO NOT remove it. Bring it to Studio 18 Gallery in Jackson, the images can be restored through the glass.

All photos are digitally restored and/or hand tinted. The original photos are returned in the same condition.

Store all old photos flat, between acid free paper and out of direct light. Important photos should never be hung or displayed in direct sunlight. Sun is very damaging to photos causing fading, and even sweating that can cause an image to stick to the glass.

Restoration fees are charged by the hour, not per scratch, assuring a thorough and complete restore. *The average restoration can cost upwards of $50 for three minor scratches, Studio 18 can replace faces, add arms , legs, hand tint, etc. for about the same price depending on the condition.

*Based on Sears Portrait and Restoration fees
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