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In this gallery, you will find my most recent uploads. I post them here for a while and then move them to their respective folders. Thanks for looking around. If you don't see what you need on my site, I can be commissioned to photograph anything you like, or I might have it somewhere. Not all of my photos are displayed on my site.
hope valley 2014_1213Hope Valley 1115hope valley crash fabiannaECaputo Robin bridge_4726ECaputo Robin bridge_4690calalily01219-Abarn cover_3235 copydoll on tracks_3114doll tracks chair_3099bear on tracks_3004Chinese Camp_1244chinese camp_1239chinese camp_1232cow silhouette crop_1034moke river curve_1021moke river lodge_0969moke river_0966moke river_0924moke river_0916tabeau star trails_0744