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This is my 1954 Two Story Travel Trailer. The first ad is my trailer except not 3 bedrooms mine is only two. I have been restoring it or fixing it up rather for 3 years. I love my home. If you read the comments some people left on here, you will find out a bit of history. The original owners contacted me and left some messages. I am so happy to have known all about her past now. I feel this trailer was meant to be mine. I love it so much. I am happy to share my story and pics with anyone that is interested. Living tiny is the best!! Here is an article about my trailer at Mobile Home Living - http://mobilehomeliving.org/1954-pacemaker-tri-level-mobile-home-remodel/#comment-78297

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We had one of these when I was a little girl--I'm 66 now! Ours was a 1956 Tri-Level Deluxe, 35' long, 8' wide. I have the brochure that my parents got when they bought the Pacemaker. We never called it anything other than a tri-level because you had the main living level, the lower twin-bed level, and the upstairs with the master bedroom and the storage area that we called our attic. Loved living in it for the last couple of years that my Daddy's job took us all over the country. Between 1950 and 1957, we lived in three trailers and moved every three months of less. We lived in 26 states in trailer parks. Daddy pulled our Pacemaker with a GMC Carryall. Quite a few of your photos brought back memories for me of being "at home" with my little brother and my parents. Thanks!
Hi, My grandparents had one of these and lived in it a few years in the early 1960s while they built a new house: I was always fascinated with the stairs so I never forgot it even though I was about 4 years old. I was able to determine the make and model from an old photo. Thanks for sharing your photos!
Pam Hassler(non-registered)
Hi There!
This trailer belonged to my grandparents. My grandfather once restored it in the 70s.
Then it sat on my parents property and we lived in it as a young married couple 34 years ago. Then, my mom donated it to Wolf Mountain Camp where we lived and served until 2008.( but lived in a different abode)
My son and his wife and first child lived in it there for a year and various other WM staff.
Who is this that has restored it, and where is it now?
Very nice work. Grandpa would be so happy!
Pam Hassler of Reno, NV
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