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On Location DSLR Photography Workshops for Groups & Individuals
with Eleanor Caputo

If you love to go for long drives to take pictures, only to find out when you get home that the photos just didn't seem to evoke the same emotion you felt when you made them, I can help.

My workshops will teach you how to capture the essence of a scene. You will learn how to compose for optimum impact as well as how to use the light for the most dramatic effect, etc.

Studio 18 Gallery offers small group and individual, on-location workshops, for people that want to move from fully automated functions to manually mastering their DSLR camera. You will learn white balance, film speeds, what your custom functions do, and much more. I will teach you how to compose a shot using the rule of thirds, how to isolate a subject by using your f-stops, how to achieve warm ambient light, and much more. I will answer your questions and have assignments and challenges that will strengthen your skills and creativity.

For the more advanced photographers, we will have creative fun with slow shutters, long exposures, star and light trails as well as painting with light and ghostly images. I encourage more advanced guests to share their knowledge and expertise with others as well. These workshops are meant to learn, share, and create. I will teach what I know and look forward to learning from you as well. Come with me and explore new places, learn new things, meet new people, and share your love of light & shadows with others.



One-on-One Workshops
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Private workshops at some of the most historic places the Gold Country has to offer. Custom group rates are available for those locations as well.

Group Workshops
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Get ready for a great time with people that love to do what you do and learn at the same time. You will meet people from all over ready to share their knowledge and eager to learn