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The Gold Country is one of the most historic and beautiful places in Northern California, making it a great place to take drives and photograph. From Sacrmento to Columbia, there is much to see!

My individual workshops are meant for a more one-on-one experience. Have you asked yourself any or all of these questions? What are f-stops? Why is my flower blurry but the background is sharp? How come either my sky is too bright or the ground is too dark? I sure wish I had more control over my camera!.... Well, there is no mystery, just some simple techniques I can teach you in one workshop.

How do I sign up?

Booking a spot in one of my workshops is easy. Just click on the "Buy Now" button below. I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order and discuss what it is you want to get out of this workshop.  More FAQ's


 2 hr. Workshops $125 ea.

Choose from any of these locations

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• Sutter Creek - Day or Evening

A leisurely walk around Historic Sutter Creek, the surrounding neighborhood and the creek.

• Volcano

A leisurely walk around the quaint town of Volcano and the surrounding neighborhood.

• Mokelumne River

Middle Bar Rd. or Electra Rd.

 A mild hike along the river where you'll find seasonal flowers like poppies, wild orchids, and other succulents as well as the butterflies and other amazing insects that live among them. And of course there is the Moke River that timelessly pours over the huge boulders and around deep rooted trees. Great shots!


Sutter CreekDowntown Sutter Creek

Volcano, CAVolcano st george_5965

MOkelumne RiverMOKE RIVER_8641.jpg

3 hr.  Workshops $250 ea.

Choose from any of these locations

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• Chaw'se Indian Grinding Rock & Museum

The 135-acre park was created in 1968 and preserves a great outcropping of marbleized limestone with some 1,185 mortar holes, as well as bark teepees and other historical artifacts. A unique and interesting place to photograph. You will most likely see deer, wild turkeys, squirrels and birds and wild flowers depending on the season.

• Daffodil Hill - Seasonal

Each spring, from mid-March through mid-April, Daffodil Hill explodes with thousands of blooms. But that's not all you'll find at daffodil hill, There are Peacocks and other fowl as well as squirrels and lots of rustic artifacts laying about that make great still life's. There is plenty to photograph here.

• Shenandoah Valley  - Wine Country

This beautiful, lush area is home to some of the best wineries in California. Although we won't be wine tasting, we can visit a winery or two. The vineyards can be very picturesque. Other places in the area are the Amador Flower Farm and DiAugustini Pond. 


ChawSweat house grinding rock

Daffodil HIllDAFFODIL HILL_8778

Shenandoah Valleyshenandoah road_3219

4 hr. Out of Area Workshops $325 ea.

Choose from any of these locations

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• Woods Lake

Woods Lake is a quiet little lake tucked away off the main hwy 88 just past Caples Lake. It is not accessible during the winter months unless you hike in. But when the snow melts, it comes alive. The colors blossom and the critters come out to play and the trout come to spawn in the shallow crystal clear waters.  This workshop is a delight and a must for anyone into nature.


• Columbia State Park

This is a very unique place to have a workshop. It is like stepping back in time to the the 1800's/ The Gold Rush to Columbia began on March 27, 1850 by a small party of prospectors. News of the discovery spread and they were soon joined by a flood of miners. Unlike many settlements that have changed with the times, Columbia seems to be frozen in the 1800's. 

Best time to go is every 2nd Saturday for "Gold Rush Days". However, any time is a good time to go.

• Murphy's

Often called the "Queen of the Sierra," Murphy's has retained the charm of yesteryear. With quaint shops and the famous Kautz Ironstone Vineyards, there is so much to see and photograph. There are even caverns, but that is another workshop.

• Old town - Downtown Sacramento - Day or Evening


Sacramento is full of life & history. People bustling about everywhere. It is the perfect place if you like to people watch and are into architecture.  This is a nice workshop to do in the later afternoon into evening hours, however, daytime is great as well.  We will walk along the American River where we will see the river boats, the Golden Bridge and quaint little shops. We will then walk under the freeway into downtown and look up into the skyscrapers. Great photographs to be taken in Sacramento.




Woods Lakewoods lake cabin_7534.jpg



Sacramento at nightSacramento Evening

How does this work?

We will meet at the location you choose from the list above and spend the allotted time walking and shooting and learning. We will break for a snack or lunch.

Individualized workshops specific to your needs

I will contact you to set up your workshop and at that time we can discuss what it is you want to get out of this time together. I encourage you to make a list of questions you would like me to answer and I will have tips and tricks that I will share as we enjoy the workshop. I will also give you hand-outs pertaining to what you want to focus on learning. From Macro to landscapes I can teach you to get the most out of your DSLR camera. I look forward to helping you unlock your vision.

What do I need?

You will need a DSLR Camera, a tripod, as many lenses as you want to carry. You can never have enough equipment.  I suggest a wide angle 17-40mm or a fish eye, a telephoto 28-135mm and a macro if you have one. If not, any lens will do. We will work with what you have. A flash is also nice so you can learn a little fill flash and filters if you have them. I recommend at least a Graduated ND and a Polarizer or UV filter. Bring plenty to drink and some snacks. We will stop for lunch so bring either a bag lunch or money for lunch.

What if i know others that would like to come to the individual workshop with me?

Additional  persons are always welcome at individual rates. 15 minutes per additional person will be added to the workshop to make sure I have enough time to spend with everyone. There is a 10% discount if you bring a second person and 25% discount for 3 to 5 people. 5 person max.

What if there is a place I would like to go but you don't offer it?

I am always happy to accomodate a custom location. Please drop me a line or give me a call for a quote.

209.257.1761 or Email me @ Custom Location Quote 

*Facebook Critiques

If you would like your images from my workshops critiqued or wish to share them with other students to learn from, you may upload them to my Studio 18 Gallery FaceBook page. There I will give a written critique to point out your strengths and weaknesses. Others will be allowed to comment as well which helps them to see their own strengths and weaknesses.

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General information

Camera(s): All Studio 18 Gallery DSLR workshops require a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera with interchangeable lenses. You may bring a point and shoot or film camera as well to use during your free roam time. The lighting is such that you may want to bring 400 ASA film.

Lens: Bring as many lenses as you want to carry. You can never have too many choices. You never know what you are going to find. However, for this course, I recommend a wide lens like a 17-40mm or a fisheye 10-20 or so, for a more dramatic effect. A fast lens of 1.8 or 2.8 would be ideal.

Tripod: A tripod is essential for long exposures and low light situations. It doesn't need to be expensive but a tripod is required for all workshops.

Filters: A graduated ND (neutral density) filter is a must have tool in any photographers bag. If you don't have one it isn't crucial for this workshop, but it will be for our outdoor workshops. I recommend the Cokin P Series kit. A circular polarizer would also be a good idea for our outdoor excursions.

Storage Devices & Batteries: Bring at least 4 gigs of camera cards. You may bring a laptop however there is probably no electricity available for charging anything. So make sure all your batteries are fully charged and that you have extras.

Flash: You might want to bring a flash for a little light on the subject, however, It is not necessary, the flash on your camera might work depending on the diameter of your lens as it can cast a shadow.

Lunch or money for lunch: Bring snacks, non alcoholic beverages and a lunch. We break for lunch.  Usually food is not far away but it can be, so it is best to bring a bag lunch or small ice chest.

Please arrive on time: As a group, it is important to be on time so as not to hold up the rest of the group. Be considerate of others and try to work together and draw your inspiration from one another. Believe me, you will not want to waste a minute of creating time in this "Haunting Castle".

• Transportation: Each student is responsible for their own transportation to the workshop location. However, car-pooling during the workshop is encouraged both to minimize the number of vehicles at shooting locations and to get to know one another - and it isn't bad on the pocket book either.

• Weather and Clothing: Poor weather can make for dramatic photographic opportunities, so if rain is in the forecast, pack a light jacket or rain poncho and bring something to keep your camera dry like a shower cap or a plastic bread bag. Dress in layers as weather can be unpredictable in the Sierras. An umbrella is always good whether it is raining or sunny as it provides shade and comes in handy for various shooting uses.

• Refunds & Cancellations: Our workshops are limited to 10 people. Once a spot is filled it is considered no longer available. Therefore we can not offer a refund. This policy is necessary to assure that those who sign up are serious about the adventure and will not back out, ruining the opportunity for someone else.

If for some reason we have to cancel due to severe weather, etc. you will have the option to reschedule or request a refund.