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1954 Pacemaker Bi-level trailer repair

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Lex Whadcoat(non-registered)
Wow you have some stunning work in here Ellie. Your web sight is wonderful. I wish i had your Photoshop skills. Keep it up lol!! Inspirational :-))
Hi Ellie.
Was catching up at DIC today, found you active, and followed your link to check up on you and what you're doing in the bigger world. Your Studio18 website is, too steal a younger generation's term, amazing! Great images on so many levels, great music, and well organized. I'm inspired... as always, Thanks! Also, it seems I've missed alot. Congrats on your Outdoor Mag Grand Prize, not to mention your other accomplishments. Good to see your work is getting the recognition it deserves.

Glad I visited and steal another's words "keep on clickin"!

I found your pictures on FB and took a look at your site. Everything here is wonderful! Andy and Rebecca are my nephew and niece and the work you did with the band at Preston Castle is fabulous. Wishing you much success doing what you love.
Keran Walton(non-registered)
Hey Girl, I found you on Facebook, Brava! It looks to me like you have done very well for yourself. I was recently living right outside Yosemite on Hwy. 41, my family lives there still, you have captured the beauty of Yosemite for me., I feel so proud of you. Would love to hear from you, contact me when you have a chance...Once again Brava Girl!!....Keran
nice work ...what are you shooting with right now ? use film?
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