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Gabb-Eze Hands-Free Band
Gabb-Eze  - The easy way to wear your cell phone Convenient, Hands-free, Cell Band that keeps your phone snugly secure to your arm. The BEST hands-free Cell Band there is!Gab-Eze-logo

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Gabb-Eze It




The only Snap on - Slip on ba    nd that is completely
interchangeable and washable

Gabb-Eze  - The easy way to wear your cell phone or music player!
Even your Emergency Call Button is within arms reach at all times!

• Wear it while doing virtually any activity; i.e. fishing, boating,  jogging,
  exercising, cycling, gardening, cooking, or at work!

• It's like wearing your cell phone like a watch

• Fits virtually any cell phone or mp3 player
• Stop holding your phone all day
• No more dangling, banged up phones from wrist straps
• Enjoy hands-free driving
• Never drop your phone again!
• Made of heavy-duty elastic, with chrome coated brass snaps that won't rust. The applicator pad is soft and fuzzy and sticks to your phone with industrial strength, yet can be easily removed leaving no sign of being on your device.



Convenient uses for the Gabb-Eze Hands-Free Cell Band

You will find endless ways to use and adapt your Gabb-Eze. It's not just for cell phones! Try it on your iPod or iTunes player or even your pedometer while you jog or your use it to wear your Life Alert Button on your arm instead of around your neck.

You're gonna love it! People will stop and ask you; "What is that?" and, "Where did you get it?!

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Gabb-Eze Holding Positionshand3

Nice secure grip

Gabb-Eze Holding Positionshand2

Sticks to your hands like glue

Gabb-Eze Holding Positionshand1

Stabilized picture taking

Gabb-Eze Holding Positionshand4

Never drop your phone

The soft applicator pad allows your arm to breath while holding your electronic device with industrial strength. Hook the Gabb-Eze strap around your fingers while you talk or text. It also acts as a great stabilizer while photographing or videoing.  Wear it on your wrist, over the back of your hand, up near your elbow or even get an extra large Gabb-Eze Cell Band to fit your upper arm so your music player is closer to your ear while you jog or ride your bike.

• I like to use my phone as a flashlight. The Gabb-Eze hands-free cell band allows you to easily swivel your phone so the back side is showing, allowing the light to shine outwardly and hands-free.

• We all take thousands of pictures and videos with our smart phones. Use Gabb-Eze stretchy cell band to stabilize your phone while shooting video or pics by twisting it around your fingers and using your thumb as support.

• Twists and forms to just about what ever use you can find for it. Hold your phone in countless ways. 

We would love to hear how you use your Gabb-Eze Hands-Free Cell Band.

If you have any comments or questions, please email us at: info@Gabb-Eze.com

NOTE: Will not interfere with NFC Data Exchange when touching another phone. In fact by swiveling the band to the front of your phone, it acts as a nifty handle for easy tapping.
  Gabb-Eze does not adhere to Gorilla glass. Glass-back cell phones need to be in a plastic or metal case. Gabb-Eze is not responsible for damage to any device attached due to misuse or faulty backs. Some iPhone users will have to use a hard case to use the Gabb-Eze.  Gabb-Eze is not recommended for use with removable, soft rubber phone covers. Always clean back of phone with rubbing alcohol before applying sticky pad.
We always recommend your phone be in a protective case at all times.

Wear a different color everyday!


Order your Gabb-Eze TODAY!!

What size should I buy? Measure your arm where you would like to wear your Gabb-Eze. We recommend 3 inches below your elbow for the lower arm or 4 inches above your elbow for the upper arm. Whatever your arm measures around, you need to order one inch smaller than that. For instance, if your arm measure 9" around, then you would purchase the Medium 8" Gabb-Eze for a snug, secure fit.

Note: Gabb-Eze adheres to most surfaces with industrial strength, yet can be removed with no signs of ever being on there. Alcohol will safely remove any adhesive left behind. There are literally endless amounts of different surfaces on cellphone backs and covers, we cannot guarantee it will stick to everything but it sticks to most. Gabb-Eze adheres best to smooth hard plastic or metal but has adhered excellently to a slightly textured hard rubber back. It will not stick to gorilla glass or soft rubber backs. Always wipe the back of your phone with alcohol before applying applicator pad.