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Created 5-Aug-12
Modified 28-May-15
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This is the very peaceful Amador Pines Park. It is a little park tucked away in the sierra foothills. It is the masterpiece and dedicated dream of Cara Monson. developed back in the early 60's, Mrs. Monson put her heart and soul into designing the perfect park. The drainage had to be just right. The plants were individually chosen with deep love by Cara and her husband. I had the honor of meeting her and with her permission photographed her. I felt it was important to not only have a plaque but have a visual picture of her so that for decades to come, people will know her. She has a dedicated team of friends that for years have helped keep this tiny little oasis pruned and cared for. Elaine was a pleasure to speak to and clearly has a love for this special little park. In fact it was Elaine that helped restore the park after a devastating fire.
If I got the names wrong please leave me a message and I will fix it. And if you wouldn't mind, if you could leave a comment under some of the photos stating what the name of the plant is, I would be very grateful.
I have allowed downloading of these photos so they may be saved as a record of history for the volunteers of this park. So please feel free to download any photos.

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